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The very next day I began putting into practise some of the key points of SST in the course of ongoing ‚Äúconventional‚ÄĚ sessions, and I have to say that I noticed an im-provement in my subjective experience in terms of: - focus on the patient‚Äôs goal within the specific session; - more accurate restating of resources and engagement in therapy (which, I noticed, increases the feeling of partnership in the process); - and, most of all, improved results in terms of effectiveness, of systematic feedback during the session!! All this leads me to say I‚Äôm delighted to have acquired this new methodology and I‚Äôm very happy to continue sharing new developments in SST and my personal experiences!

Monica Leva - Psychologist and systemic relationship therapist

The latest news about Single-Session Therapy

The Help That Doesn’t Help: From Resistance to Rapid Change with David Burns’ CBT Team Techniques

2019 is coming to an end and with it the path we have traced through our blog on Single Session Therapy . 

In this year we have focused on some specific topics that have ranged from how to implement TSS in Walk-In Services or psychological first aid to the approaches with which to integrate it, sharing theoretical insights, case studies and practical experiences from around the world.

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Live news from Ohio University

With today’s article¬†we¬†return to talk about the¬†Walk-In¬†and¬†Single Session Therapy¬†services and we do it, sharing almost in real time a news related to the birth of a new quick access and no-appointment service at the¬†University of Ohio¬†, aimed at students in¬†crisis¬†who request¬†psychological support¬†.

The news reported in the online magazine The Newpolitical on 6 December 2019 by journalist Emily Crebs speaks of the current situation of unease detected among the young population of students of the University and what response the latter has decided to provide.

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When one therapy meeting is enough: the famous case of Sally and the single-session emotional freedom techniques EFT

In¬†today¬†‘s article we report the description of a surprising¬†clinical case¬†described by the researcher and writer¬†Dawson Church¬†with the aim of illustrating how¬†Single Session Therapy¬†combined with a¬†specific technique¬†, in this case¬†EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)¬†, can constitute a¬†single¬†and¬†effective¬†intervention for the treatment of complex and often disabling problems such as¬†post-traumatic stress disorder¬†(PTSD)¬†.

The case presented in Capturing the moment: single session therapy and walk-in services (2014) , a book written and edited by psychologists M. Hoyt and M. Talmon , represents in fact one of the most interesting contributions to the theoretical and practical study of single session therapy.

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