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The very next day I began putting into practise some of the key points of SST in the course of ongoing ‚Äúconventional‚ÄĚ sessions, and I have to say that I noticed an im-provement in my subjective experience in terms of: - focus on the patient‚Äôs goal within the specific session; - more accurate restating of resources and engagement in therapy (which, I noticed, increases the feeling of partnership in the process); - and, most of all, improved results in terms of effectiveness, of systematic feedback during the session!! All this leads me to say I‚Äôm delighted to have acquired this new methodology and I‚Äôm very happy to continue sharing new developments in SST and my personal experiences!

Monica Leva - Psychologist and systemic relationship therapist

The latest news about Single-Session Therapy

guest speaker at the symposium: Moshe Talmon

In¬†today’s article¬†we present to you the last of the three¬†pioneers¬†of¬†Single Session Therapy¬†who will participate¬†in¬†the¬†IV Symposium on SST¬†which this year will be held on¬†10, 11 and 12 November¬†in¬†Italy¬†, in¬†Rome¬†,¬†Moshe Talmon¬†.¬†

Moshe Talmon,¬†Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania ’82) initiated a series of studies at¬†Kaiser Permanente Medical Group¬†on patients who failed to show up for their second appointment after their first therapy session.¬†Later, together with¬†Michael Hoyt¬†and¬†Robert Rosenbaum¬†, he began¬†a study¬†of¬†60¬†attempts¬†at scheduled single-session therapy¬†with patients who had required¬†lengthy therapy.

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guest speaker at the symposium: Michael Hoyt

In¬†today’s article¬†and in the next articles¬†we will introduce¬†you to all the¬†Single Session Therapy¬†experts¬†in¬†the¬†world¬†who will participate¬†in¬†the¬†IV Symposium on SST¬†which this year will be held on¬†10, 11 and 12 November¬†in¬†Italy¬†, in¬†Rome¬†.¬†¬†


First of all we present Michael F. Hoyt , pioneer together with Moshe Talmon and Robert Rosenbaum of Single Session Therapy .

The Italian Center for Single Session Therapy , in the figure of Flavio Cannistrà ( co-founder together with Federico Piccirili of the Italian Center for Single Session Therapy ), has collaborated with him for the drafting of books and scientific articles on SST , also MF Hoyt as a trainer he participated in various workshops on SST, held in Italy by ICSST starting from 2016.

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Guest Speaker at the Symposium: Flavio Cannistrà

In today’s article we present Flavio Cannistr√† an expert on Brief Therapies and founder together with Federico Piccirilli of the first center for research and training on Single Session Therapy (Italian Center for Single Session Therapy) in Italy, as well as director of the 4th Symposium on SST to be held this year on November 10, 11 and 12 in Rome, Italy.

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