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Single-Session Therapy is a method of therapeutic intervention widespread throughout the world (CannistrĂ  & Piccirilli, 2018; Hoyt et al., 2018; Hoyt & Talmon, 2014), which maximises the effectiveness of each single (and often only) session.

It’s offered by psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists since it is suitable for different contexts, from private practice to the work of organisations, as a supplement to their current practice. It is also offered by other healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, social workers, counsellors etc.

In Italy SST is studied and diffused by the Italian Center for Single Session Therapy, which now is starting to providing workshop in English too!

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Single Session Therapy has been practised for 30 years all over the world.

It is a method, not a theoretical orientation, so it can be used by every healthcare professional, integrated into their own reference model.

Imagine it as a framework, into which you place your therapy: by applying it you can obtain maximum results in every single session. Even if there’s only one.

And besides helping the person in every one of their sessions with you, it allows you to respond to those who, for whatever reason, feel the need to contact a professional even for a single session – regardless of whether or not they choose to continue.


1) To approach anyone who does not need a lengthy intervention, and to respond to those seeking immediate help

2) To improve the effectiveness of each individual encounter, reducing the overall duration of multiple-session therapies.

3) To benefit from a methodology that can be easily integrated with other forms of therapy, and which you can use for a wide variety of problems and contexts: private, public, emergency and more.


1) Some 2 in every 5 sessions end in drop-out (Swift & Greenberg, 2012; Wierzbicki & Pekarik, 1993))

2) Of these, 1 in every 2 occurs within the first two sessions (WHO, 2013)

3) All over the world, up to 8 people out of every 10 have a psychological/relational problem … but do not seek professional help (SIP, 2013)

The problem is often the perception of therapy or counselling:
– too long
– too expensive
– or inadequate for many problems/difficulties, because the person does not perceive it as appropriate for their real needs.

Many people who need psychological counselling or therapy do not call us simply because we are not offering them the right service.



Thirty years of research have shown that:

âś… 70-80% of people who choose a single session are satisfied and think they don’t need further sessions (Hoyt & Talmon, 2014; Bloom, 2001)

âś…on a scale of 1 (solved or much improved) to 5, the average improvement rate is 1.7 (Talmon, 2012, 1990; Kaffman, 1990)

âś… results are maintained in follow-ups of up to 8 years (Hoyt & Talmon, 2014; Slive & Bobele, 2011)

Those results seems to be the same all over the world (Hoyt et al., 2018; CannistrĂ  & Piccirilli, 2018).


Thanks to the workshop, in 2 days:

✅ You’ll learn the methodology that allows you to be fully-trained and start using the Single-Session model;

✅ You’ll maximise the effectiveness of each individual session;;

✅You’ll reduce the overall duration of treatment;;

âś… You’ll understand practical ways of integrating SST into your work, and above all of responding to people’s current need for help that’s appropriate to their needs, learning a new way of providing counselling and therapy.

Immediately after 2 days you will be able to independently conduct SST with your patients / clients.


The workshop is extremely practical.
We provide you with all the relevant theoretical references, slides and in-depth material to take home, but mainly you’ll get plenty of practise!


✅ You’ll hear different clinical cases and see a video of an entire session, to get concrete examples;

âś… you will have plenty of space to ask all the questions you need to understand and apply SST;

✅ And, above all, we’ll devote part of the workshop to explaining how to apply SST.

You’ll learn different ways of applying SST in your professional practice, both to gain more clients as a private practitioner, and to implement it in a centre or health facility.

Testimonies of previous participants

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As we mentioned, the two days are highly practical. What’s more, you’ll receive additional material, which includes:
– a USB stick with digital material for further theoretical insights
– a 40-page English workbook for practise, containing further explanations
– all the slides used in the workshop in hard copy
In addition you will watch a video of an entire SST session from a real case, with all the points of the model highlighted onscreen as they occur.

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The two-day programme is as follows:
Single Session Therapy: introduction to principles and practices
09: 30-11: 00 – SST: brief history and effectiveness data
11: 15-13: 00 – The 3 main models of SST and the Italian Center model
14: 00-15: 30 – The operational guidelines of SST and their implementation
15: 45-18: 00 – Practise the 7 basic interventions to conduct an SST (first part)

Intensive practise and applications of Single Session Therapy
09: 00-12: 00 – Practise the 7 basic interventions to conduct an SST (second part)
13: 00-14: 00 – Integral process of an SST session: principles and practice
14: 15-15: 30 – Techniques for maximising every single session
15: 45-17: 30 – SST at work: how to apply SST in your field

Terapia a Seduta Singola Michael Hoyt Flavio CannistrĂ 

Flavio CannistrĂ  with Michael Hoyt, member of the original study group on Single-seat therapy (@Mental Research Institute, Palo Alto, California)


After the workshop we will not abandon you!
If you wish, you can register in a free group reserved for all Single-Session Therapists trained by the Italian Center for Single Session Therapy, where, among other things, you will have the opportunity to:
– read and share clinical cases (moderated in accordance with privacy regulations) to receive ideas and support for your work from colleagues and from the Italian Center team
– receive free updates on articles and information related to Single Session Therapy
– propose and read ideas on how to introduce SST and how to implement it in various professional fields.
The idea is to provide an in-house training process which can continue after the workshop.

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The next course will take place in Milan (Italy).

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