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The very next day I began putting into practise some of the key points of SST in the course of ongoing “conventional” sessions, and I have to say that I noticed an im-provement in my subjective experience in terms of: - focus on the patient’s goal within the specific session; - more accurate restating of resources and engagement in therapy (which, I noticed, increases the feeling of partnership in the process); - and, most of all, improved results in terms of effectiveness, of systematic feedback during the session!! All this leads me to say I’m delighted to have acquired this new methodology and I’m very happy to continue sharing new developments in SST and my personal experiences!

Monica Leva - Psychologist and systemic relationship therapist

The latest news about Single-Session Therapy

Benefit of single session therapy for particular categories

terapia a seduta singola

With which categories of people can the Single Session Therapy be applied?

We recently published an article that referred to the use of SST in relation to particular problems or difficulties.

With today’s post we want to propose a further point of view, always based on the concept of applicability. That is to specify which categories of users / patients can benefit from a single meeting, without necessarily having to undertake a therapeutic path.

Furthermore, we will not take into consideration the classic categories of mental distress, such as depression, anxiety, obsessive disorders and so on, but we will give a different perspective, useful to propose Single Session Therapy.  

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Two ways in which the psychologist can apply single session therapy

psicoterapia seduta singola

How can Single Session Therapy be implemented in professional practice? Today we want to illustrate 2 ways to be able to integrate it into your professional practice, especially in private practice.

With this article we address all those professionals (psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, social workers, rehabilitation technicians, etc.) who see psychotherapy, or more generally in the helping relationship, a service aimed at the person and for this reason, they feel the constant need to do research, update themselves and come into contact with innovative practices in order to maximize the effectiveness of their intervention and respond in a targeted manner to changes and new requests from citizens.

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Relief therapy: giving the person what they need

Terapia a seduta singola

Is it possible to give the person asking for psychological support what they need, when they need it?

We are confronted with a society and people that have changed a lot compared to just a few years ago. In a previous article (The future of psychotherapy) I reported some data on the trends and prospects of the health system, particularly in the area of mental health.

How should the psychologist’s approach change accordingly, in order to continue to reach and help people?

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