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The very next day I began putting into practise some of the key points of SST in the course of ongoing “conventional” sessions, and I have to say that I noticed an im-provement in my subjective experience in terms of: - focus on the patient’s goal within the specific session; - more accurate restating of resources and engagement in therapy (which, I noticed, increases the feeling of partnership in the process); - and, most of all, improved results in terms of effectiveness, of systematic feedback during the session!! All this leads me to say I’m delighted to have acquired this new methodology and I’m very happy to continue sharing new developments in SST and my personal experiences!

Monica Leva - Psychologist and systemic relationship therapist

The latest news about Single-Session Therapy

Single session therapy: 6 principles to keep in mind

In recent years, much of the information, research and innovations regarding Single Session Therapy have come directly from the application field of walk-in centers.

It is no coincidence that today’s article focuses on the 6 fundamental principles of clinical practice adopted within the Community Counseling Center in San Antonio (Texas), masterfully summarized by Slive and Bobele (2011). The authors managed to condense a wide range of levels and concepts: both of theoretical / epistemological and technical / operational origin.

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