The Single Session for transgender and gender variant children and teenagers

As awareness of gender diversity increases, the number of children and adolescents presenting to gender variance services in Australia and overseas increases (Chen et al., 2016; Wren et al., 2016), with a consequent increase in waiting times to access the necessary assessment for medical transition paths (hormonal and / or surgical therapy).

Innovative approaches are needed to reduce waiting times, enable timely clinical support and provide education to patients and their families. 

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A SST service for families for ludopathy

In this article we present a service created in Australia by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation that deals with the intervention of people with gambling addiction problems .

The goal is to find out how the Single Session Therapy method is applied in the context of counseling services for people with gambling problems and in particular for their families, offered by the foundation in collaboration with the Bouverie Center.

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Walkin-in services vs traditional approaches: what are the benefits

As already written in other articles all over the world, walk-in services are becoming more and more popular .

The logic that characterizes walk-in services, as anticipated in a previous article, can be summarized in 3 points:

  • receive a visit without an appointment , simply by entering the Center, clinical study or web page;
  • receive the service usually in a short time (not waiting hours);
  • cheapness , and in some cases free of charge, of the services

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SST for people already included in a course

psicoterapia seduta singola

As already discussed above, the therapist who wants to start using the Single Session Therapy method in his professional activity will not necessarily have to change his therapeutic approach or learn a new one, just as he will not have to abandon the use of techniques. consolidated or even change their professional structure.

In this regard, we have already suggested some ways through which the therapist can experiment with the application of TSS , using it as an alternative to the free interview , as a second consultation or as an online intervention .

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Reduce waiting list with Single Session Therapy

Liste di attesa sanità

Carlo, not his real name, contacts us about a problem: he absolutely has to solve his panic attacks. He has a family, children, and the situation has become serious: he no longer drives due to anxiety and his wife does not have a driving license, so he had to take sick leave from work (which is more than 70 kilometers from his home).

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44% of dropouts are satisfied. Use the SST to increase it to be happy too premise

Talmon writes “The most evident and current problem is that too often when the intervention is limited to a single meeting one is led to think – with a certain superficiality – of a” drop-out “, a” premature conclusion ” , a “therapeutic failure”, all negative definitions that suggest a failure of the intervention. The Single Session indicates how best to use the single meeting to induce substantial changes in the patient’s life: how to make the most of it, how to program it, how to change normal therapeutic attitudes to be more creative and effective, how to use one’s time in a different way, how to encourage the patient’s availability and motivation and how to associate the necessary diagnostic-evaluation moment the therapeutic process of change “(page 12).

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Single session therapy for insomnia

In other articles we have reported the evidence on how Single Session Therapy can be applied to  different areas of intervention  and used with  different therapeutic approaches  (eg CBT, hypnosis, Ericksonian psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychodynamic therapies, strategic therapy , systemic and family therapies, EMDR, etc.).

Here, we will show how TSS can be concretely integrated with a specific therapeutic approach,  Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), in the specific  treatment of insomnia, highlighting  the results .

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5 ways to implement SST in health and social settings

The framework behind Single Session Therapy makes it a flexible, dynamic and creative method , suitable for responding to many needs relating to mental health and psychosocial risks.

Many researches have shown how the  typical mindset of this method allows it to be used in multiple contexts.

In this article we focus on social and health structures , specifically we try to focus on Mental Health Services and on the radical changes that the patient experiences today in relation to their needs and to the use of services. Leggi tutto

8 benefits your patients can reap with SST

One of the aspects he asks us about as soon as we approach Single Session Therapy is that related to the benefits that this method of intervention is able to bring in the lives of clients.

The objective of this article, in fact, will be precisely to identify the specific benefits that the client can obtain through the Single Session Therapy, whether it is a single and single intervention, or whether it is part of an intervention. within a longer duration therapy.

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