The Help That Doesn’t Help: From Resistance to Rapid Change with David Burns’ CBT Team Techniques

2019 is coming to an end and with it the path we have traced through our blog on Single Session Therapy . 

In this year we have focused on some specific topics that have ranged from how to implement TSS in Walk-In Services or psychological first aid to the approaches with which to integrate it, sharing theoretical insights, case studies and practical experiences from around the world.

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Live news from Ohio University

With today’s article¬†we¬†return to talk about the¬†Walk-In¬†and¬†Single Session Therapy¬†services and we do it, sharing almost in real time a news related to the birth of a new quick access and no-appointment service at the¬†University of Ohio¬†, aimed at students in¬†crisis¬†who request¬†psychological support¬†.

The news reported in the online magazine The Newpolitical on 6 December 2019 by journalist Emily Crebs speaks of the current situation of unease detected among the young population of students of the University and what response the latter has decided to provide.

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When one therapy meeting is enough: the famous case of Sally and the single-session emotional freedom techniques EFT

In¬†today¬†‘s article we report the description of a surprising¬†clinical case¬†described by the researcher and writer¬†Dawson Church¬†with the aim of illustrating how¬†Single Session Therapy¬†combined with a¬†specific technique¬†, in this case¬†EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)¬†, can constitute a¬†single¬†and¬†effective¬†intervention for the treatment of complex and often disabling problems such as¬†post-traumatic stress disorder¬†(PTSD)¬†.

The case presented in Capturing the moment: single session therapy and walk-in services (2014) , a book written and edited by psychologists M. Hoyt and M. Talmon , represents in fact one of the most interesting contributions to the theoretical and practical study of single session therapy.

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Single-session therapy and walk-in services: a history of successful interventions

Is it possible to ensure immediate access and timely intervention in mental health?

With this week’s article we will see how this is already possible in some parts of the world, particularly in¬†Canada¬†where¬†immediate access to mental health services¬†represents an ongoing challenge.¬†Recall that¬†Walk-In Therapy combined with Single Session Therapy (SSWI)¬† is a service delivery model that improves access to care and ensures that people can get service when they¬†need it most¬†.

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Single-session therapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety in children

Can Single Session Therapy be considered a valid alternative for intervention with children?

In today’s article we will answer this question, referring to the experience reported by researcher¬†Jessica Schleider , who has been using¬†Single Session Therapy¬†for some time¬†to treat¬†depression¬†and¬†anxiety¬†with¬†children¬†.

Before going into the subject, however, let’s see what are currently the critical aspects of mental health care for children and adolescents!

The picture that was taken with respect to the state of the art of mental health services for children and adolescents to which we will refer in this article will concern the context of the United States , however some themes presented may also unite other parts of the world.

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Single-session therapy in the school

We have arrived in September and we have left the scorching summer behind!

At this time of year many activities start again and for a professional it is time to embark on new challenges .

In fact, today’s article will allow us to identify another area of ‚Äč‚Äčintervention on which to focus and experiment with¬†Single Session Therapy¬†, namely the¬†school¬†.

Schools will reopen in a few days and many psychologists involved in this sector will find themselves carrying out consultancy services for young students , their families and teachers .

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Single session therapy for the treatment of specific phobias in children

This week we will talk about a study published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry that talks about Single Session Therapy used in the treatment of specific phobias in children.

The objective of the article, beyond the sharing of research data, is to learn how TSS can be applied in certain areas of intervention (e.g. work with children), with specific categories of problems (e.g. specific phobias) and with a particular approach or method of therapy, which in the specific case is represented by Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) .  

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SST to take stock of the situation – the experience of a single session therapy in a long-term family journey

In how many ways can Single Session Therapy find its effectiveness?

How many of you will have asked yourself this question when you found yourself in a position to introduce it into your own professional practice, thinking, for example, of experimenting it with already started courses.

In today’s article we will show you how¬†the use of SST¬†can be extended not only to¬†different¬†areas of intervention¬†(e.g. families, couples, emergencies), but can also perform¬†various functions¬†, without losing its value and effectiveness.¬†

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