The Italian Center for Single Session Therapy consists of a team of professionals with whom it carries out its research, clinical and training activities.

Flavio CannistrĂ 

Psychologist and Psychotherapist, trained in Brief Strategic Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. Founder of the Italian Center for Single Session Therapy. I studied Single-Session Therapy with Michael Hoyt in California and at the Bouverie Center, Australia. I’m interested in the different forms of brief therapy and ways of maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of psychotherapy.

Federico Piccirilli

Specialist in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy and Director of the ICNOS Institute, School of Specialization in Brief Strategic Systemic Psychotherapy (recognised by MIUR) and Co-Founder of the Italian Center for Single Session Therapy, consultant in the field of legal and forensic Psychology. I work in the private social sector specifically in the fields of orientation, balance of competences and training. I collaborate with companies offering advice on organisational structure and corporate communication. I am qualified in the application of the EMDR. I teach on topics related to psychotherapy and group management.

Pier Paolo D’Alia

Psychologist and Psychotherapist trained in Integrated Strategic Psychotherapy. Trainer and Digital Specialist for the Italian Center for Single Session Therapy. In addition to taking an interest in brief psychotherapy, I am responsible for career guidance and support for work placements in different social contexts. I’m interested in digital technologies and the development of web platforms.

Angelica Giannetti

A Psychologist and Psychotherapist, I’m trained in Strategic Psychotherapies. Trainer for the Italian Center for Single Session Therapy and therapist in a Family Center. In addition to dealing with brief therapy, I have legal expertise and work in socio-rehabilitation services for people with disabilities and their families.

Simonetta Bonadies

Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Social Designer, trained in the Integrated Strategic approach. I provide psychological and social support for first- and second-generation immigrants with a particular focus on women and unaccompanied minors, and work with Save The Children. I have designed and coordinated several projects geared to the socio-cultural promotion of the Calabria region and the protection of psychological and physical health in vulnerable groups. With the Italian Center for Single Session Therapy I deal with the use of SST in the migrant emergency.