The SST book

Interest in Single-Session Therapy has gradually increased over the past thirty years. All over the world, evidence-based research, articles, books and conferences have addressed the subject. In spite of this, until now Italian psychotherapists have not had access to an up-to-date reference book, and risk being unable to respond to an increasingly widespread demand for a range of treatment options. Having trained with top international researchers in the field, Flavio Cannistrà and Federico Piccirilli founded the Italian Center for Single-Session Therapy, developing a model of single-session therapy appropriate for the Italian context. ‘’Single-Session Therapy” provides an accurate and comprehensive explanation of guidelines for the principal methods used internationally and a detailed description of the method fine-tuned at the Italian Center. The book brings together stories, data and applications of SST, exemplified by a series of case studies of successful single sessions conducted by various therapists. The book is not only the most comprehensive up-to-date Italian text on Single-Session Therapy, but also a useful tool for its practical application in the clinical setting.

Principi e pratiche