8 benefits your patients can reap with SST

One of the aspects he asks us about as soon as we approach Single Session Therapy is that related to the benefits that this method of intervention is able to bring in the lives of clients.

The objective of this article, in fact, will be precisely to identify the specific benefits that the client can obtain through the Single Session Therapy, whether it is a single and single intervention, or whether it is part of an intervention. within a longer duration therapy.

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How to conduct an SST: the Australian model

The main models of Single Session Therapy, starting from the works of Talmon, Hoyt and Rosenbaum, which have reported more contributions in terms of scientific literature, systematization of methodology and reports of clinical cases, and which therefore have more inspired the works of other authors and other researches, there are three.

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Single-session psychodrama

psicodramma formazione

One of the strengths of Single Session Therapy is that it is not an approach, it is a method.

Therefore, it can be integrated into virtually any form of intervention, both at the level of psychological counseling and psychotherapy.

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A research on SST in a service for families: the Bouverie center

Starting from the reflection previously carried out on the opportunity to implement a SST service within a health or social institution (public or private), we believe it may be useful to deepen the issue, reporting the results of an interesting research conducted in 2009 in a family service in Melbourne, Australia, the Bouverie Center where Single Session Work (SSW) has been implemented.

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The advantage of offering an on-line SST service

TSS online

How many professionals, in recent times, are faced with the doubt whether or not to include the now much debated online consultancy among their services? How many oscillate between acknowledging the advantages of this practice (such as the greater accessibility and diffusion of psychological services) and skepticism about its effectiveness?

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A simple process to implement an SST in your institution

As you may have already guessed from the title, this article is mainly aimed at all those psychologists and psychotherapists who carry out their profession within health or social institutions (public or private), who have the desire to contribute to the improvement of their structure, both in terms of quality and effectiveness of the service, operating through innovative and effective methods of intervention, both in terms of service efficiency, reducing waiting lists and responding in a short time to as many people as possible.

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Stand out from the crowd with SST a proposal for people’s needs

distinguersi dalla massa

How is it possible to stand out from the crowd of professionals present in our area? How can I create an offer that differs from the others?

These questions today represent a real challenge for all psychologists, both because the statistical data are not encouraging, and because the tools of marketing, and therefore of (personal) promotion, are almost never properly mastered.

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From disaster to recovery: single session therapy for pain

Terapia Seduta Singola dolore

So far we have mainly dealt with how to integrate Single Session Therapy into professional practice. In this article, however, we will deepen through a study carried out on the catastrophication of pain: which problems can be treated effectively through a single therapy session, also giving people the opportunity to receive treatment quickly and with reduced costs.

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