Guest Speaker at the Symposium: Federico Piccirilli

Guest Speaker at the Symposium: Federico Piccirilli

In today’s article we introduce Federico Piccirilli an expert on Brief Therapies and founder together with Flavio Cannistrà of the first center for research and training on Single Session Therapy (Italian Center for Single Session Therapy) in Italy, who promoted the realization of the 4th Symposium on SST to be held this year on November 10, 11 and 12 in Rome, Italy.

Who is he and what has Federico Piccirilli accomplished?


Federico Piccirilli, is a psychologist-psychotherapist, director and lecturer at ICNOS Institute, School of Specialization in Brief Systemic Strategic Psychotherapy, Co Founder of the Italian Center for Single Session Therapy and co-author with Flavio Cannistrà of “Single Session Therapy. Principles and Practices” (Giunti) and “Solution-Centered Brief Therapy. Principles and Practices” (EPC), Director of the APIS Center – Rehabilitation Services for Developmental Age (Il Pungiglione Cooperative).


What will be his contribution to the 2023 Symposium in Rome?

The title of his talk in the morning of November 12 is “When the “How” wins over the “Why”: the first 3 fundamental interventions of a Single Session Therapy according to the Italian Center for Single Session Therapy Method.”

Here Federico Piccirilli will introduce the Italian Single Session Therapy method, focusing particularly on the first three interventions: defining the problem in operational terms, clarifying the goal and setting priorities, and asking for constant feedback.


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