guest speaker at the symposium: Michael Hoyt

guest speaker at the symposium: Michael Hoyt

In today’s article and in the next articles we will introduce you to all the Single Session Therapy experts in the world who will participate in the IV Symposium on SST which this year will be held on 10, 11 and 12 November in Italy , in Rome .  


First of all we present Michael F. Hoyt , pioneer together with Moshe Talmon and Robert Rosenbaum of Single Session Therapy .

The Italian Center for Single Session Therapy , in the figure of Flavio Cannistrà ( co-founder together with Federico Piccirili of the Italian Center for Single Session Therapy ), has collaborated with him for the drafting of books and scientific articles on SST , also MF Hoyt as a trainer he participated in various workshops on SST, held in Italy by ICSST starting from 2016.


Who is Michael F. Hoyt and what has he accomplished?

Michael F. Hoyt, Ph.D. (Yale ’76) is a psychologist based in Mill Valley, California. He was one of the creators, with Moshe Talmon and Robert Rosenbaum , of Single Session Therapy , along with many other professional accolades.

È autore ed editore di numerose pubblicazioni, tra cui Brief Therapy and BeyondThe Handbook of Constructive TherapiesCreative Therapy in Challenging SituationsSingle Session Thinking and Practice in Global, Cultural, and Familial Contexts, e Brief Therapy Conversations: Exploring Efficient Intervention in Psychotherapy.


What will be your contribution to the 2023 Symposium to be held in Rome?

The title of his speech which will take place on the morning of November 10th is ” The Single Session Mindset / One At A Time and the use of single session thinking to conduct a Single Session Therapy workshop” .

On this occasion Hoyt will highlight the importance of the therapist’s mindset and describe how Single Session Thinking and Practice helps him organize and teach Single Session Therapy workshops . 


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