Guest speaker at the symposium: Robert Rosembaum

Guest speaker at the symposium: Robert Rosembaum

In today’s article we present another pioneer of Single Session Therapy who will participate in the IV Symposium on SST which this year will be held on 10, 11 and 12 November in Italy , in Rome , Robert Rosenbaum . 

 Who is Robert Rosenbaum and what has he achieved?

Robert Rosenbaum, Ph.D., has 40 years of experience as a neuropsychologist , psychotherapist , and behavioral medicine specialist. Along with Kaiser Permanente colleagues Moshe Talmon and Michael Hoyt , he pioneered some of the first research into single-session therapies .

He was a Fulbright Scholar at the National Institute of Mental Health Neurosciences in India and is also a recognized teacher of Ordinary Mind Zen and Wild Goose Qigong. Since retiring from clinical practice, he continues to consult on single-session therapy , with particular interest in its application in primary care and academic counseling centers.


What will be your contribution to the 2023 Symposium to be held in Rome?

The title of his speech which will take place on the morning of November 10th is ” Beyond the “is” and the “is not”.

In his presentation Rosembaum will illustrate how the application of the tetralemma (a logic of the Buddhist philosophy of Nagarjuna, 200 AD) and the “ 4E neuroscientific approach ” to clinical work unlocks new dimensions for transformative experiences. According to this vision, experience is always embodied (Embodied), incorporated (Embedded), extended (Extended) and acted out (Enacted).


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