The therapeutic alliance in single-session therapy

One of the most debated topics when it comes to Brief Therapies is undoubtedly that of the therapeutic alliance, when the debate then focuses on the way in which this factor affects Single Session Therapy, the comparison takes on even more heated tones.

With today¬†‘s article¬†we will focus on a¬†study¬†carried out by¬†Chrystal T. Fullen (2019)¬†which describes precisely the process of co-construction of the¬†therapeutic alliance¬†in the context of¬†SST starting from the analysis of some therapeutic conversations.

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SST for teacher stress management

School has always been and continues to be the focus of many debates . Most of these relate to
its organization and functioning . Others, on the other hand, even if to a lesser extent, focus on
the teaching profession and the possible health risks that this professional category may face.
In fact, if teaching is carried out in disorganized and fragmented contexts , where teamwork is
difficult and the achievement of common objectives can become a source of great stress .  
With¬†today’s article we will therefore describe a¬†Single Session Therapy¬†intervention¬†aimed at a
group of teachers in conditions of long-term psychophysical disability in the province of Alberta
(Canada) with the aim of maximizing their recovery . The intervention arose from a study of the
health of such teachers , most of whom were neglected in their rehabilitation period (Jevne &
Zingle, 1990).

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Post-phase 2 and single-session therapy – ideas and doubts about the activation of walk-in SST services

Phase 2 represented, after the lockdown, an important and decisive moment for the professional
life of the psychologist . On the web and on social networks, there was a great ferment of ideas
and projects to overcome this difficult phase of recovery. There were many proposals, some focus
on marketing strategies , others concern the formation of new methods of intervention and
disorders to be treated, finally there is all the information on the state of the art of our
profession .

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Post emergency Covid-19 and single session therapy the psychological impact of quarantine and phase 2

The coronavirus emergency is about to turn to the so-called Phase 2 or to that moment of easing of social restriction measures, which will lead to taking the first timid steps towards the much desired freedom.

Before moving on to imagining the near future of¬†Phase 2,¬†let’s see what the psychological effects of quarantine and how to reduce (Brooks et al., 2020) are according to a¬†scientific¬†article¬†published¬†in¬†The¬†Lancet¬†magazine¬†and social¬†.

The¬†goal¬†of today’s article will be to identify the¬†possible issues¬†people will need to manage and how¬†psychologists¬†can¬†prepare¬†to intervene.

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Post-emergency Covid-19 and single-session therapy, post-disaster intervention proposals

If in the previous article we explored the theme of emergency and how Single Session Therapy adapts to psychological first aid models,  today we will focus on the consequences that a tragic event such as the Pandemic can determine on a psychological and access to mental health services.

Furthermore, through the description of a clinical case in which the TSS method was applied with a woman involved in the 2010 Haiti earthquake , we will see how TSS can be concretely used in post-disaster intervention (Guthrie, 2016) .

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Single-session and web therapy: A research on online SST for gambling intervention

In¬†today¬†‘s article we will address a highly topical issue with respect to the world of psychotherapies or the growth of psychological services provided via the¬†web¬†, focusing in particular on a research concerning the provision of an¬†online Single Session Therapy¬†service for young people who have a¬†gambling addiction¬†(Rodda¬†et al¬†., 2016).

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Single-session group therapy: the employed for person PEP program for addiction treatment

In¬†today¬†‘s article we will focus on¬†an innovative model of brief group therapy¬†based on the work of psychiatrist¬†Irvine Yalom (1983)¬†, included in the¬†Program Employed for Persons (PEP¬†)¬†for patients with addiction problems, carried out at¬†Eagleville Hospital ( Pennsylvania)¬†, a hospital facility that offers different levels of assistance ranging from¬†acute psychiatric hospitalization¬†to¬†specialized¬†residential¬†addiction treatment¬†(Weiner, 1987).

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Breaking obsessions with single-session therapy: A case of cognitive therapy and religious faith

Let’s resume¬†2020¬†with a new¬†cycle of articles¬†that will allow us to always be¬†updated¬†and to¬†discover how the¬†Single Session Therapy¬†method¬†can be applied in different ways and areas of intervention.

What is today’s article about?

Through the description of a clinical case we will illustrate how a serious symptom such as that of obsessive thoughts can be interrupted through a single meeting of cognitive therapy associated with religious faith (Gangdev, 1998). Leggi tutto

The Help That Doesn’t Help: From Resistance to Rapid Change with David Burns’ CBT Team Techniques

2019 is coming to an end and with it the path we have traced through our blog on Single Session Therapy . 

In this year we have focused on some specific topics that have ranged from how to implement TSS in Walk-In Services or psychological first aid to the approaches with which to integrate it, sharing theoretical insights, case studies and practical experiences from around the world.

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